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Updated: Jun 26, 2021

I would like to hold your hand.

I would pull you through time .

We will dance among the wild Flowers.

I will walk with you down the streets of Scotland.

I would gently guide your hand to hold the hand of the 5th generation.

I would introduce you to my life and to all of my loves.

I would pray with you.

Oh yes I would be nervous.

I would wonder, have i made you proud?

You would hold my hand and look for the bright Polish.

I would like to hold the sound of your voice.

I would like to hold all of the memories from when I was born to the time when you passed . What would I do with all of these memories?

I would close down the town and make everyone look to the South and play the memories over and over on a big world wide screen.

I would dance in front of the screen among the wild Flowers and give thanks to the fifth generation I remember.

My life didn't start with me.

It started with you.

I love you, grandma.

I miss you.

I wish i had a photographic memory - there are so many things I remember but 100 times that many more in which I don't.

We are woven together generation through generation.

Have I experienced what you experienced?

Have I seen what you have seen?

If i had just a moment to go back in time, which moment would I go to?

Could I pick just one?

What is more powerful - being the end of the 5th generation or the beginning of the next fifth generation?

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