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What Fools We Were

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

It was a fairy tale; if we could dream it, we could do it! You and I, we had the world by the tail!

What fools we were.

We deserve the finest chocolate, the fastest cars, the biggest house. We work hard! We deserve all of this! And sure, we felt like hamsters on a hamster wheel, but this what we wanted! We were the perfect couple living the American Dream!

What fools we were.

Plastic had become our friend! We could dream with it, we could swipe it, we could go anywhere with it. We could build with it. We could have anything we ever wanted. In fact, there wasn’t much we could do without it. We didn’t have a care in the world!

What fools we were.

Literally we were living a double life.

We were envied . . . but for what? The house on the Island we couldn't afford? The 1, 2, 3 boats we were underwater in?

What fools we were.

Our best friends! How we enjoyed their company! Comparing houses, Harleys and vacations! To talk about life and love and things that really mattered, who had time?

It’s as if we were on that hamster wheel in a snow globe on an island.

What fools we were.

We sit back and laugh at just what total fools we were.

Just like that we jumped off the hamster wheel, we shattered the snow globe. We brought our boat above water and now we sail back and forth to the island. Everything we needed, we already had.

Each other, our love, our laughs, our children, grandchildren.

Our legacy.

To think we needed anything but that just goes to show . . .

What fools we were.

Written 4/21/2020

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