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Our Baby P ~ Cry for Help/Call To Action ~ Part 2

The caller met us there just as planned. Immediately Taylor and I both go to P. We unbuckle her and grab her out and put her in the car seat in my car. As we're doing this, the caller is telling us how she came to have our Baby P. For purposes again of keeping some things confidential we cannot disclose everything that was learned. But we did know that under no circumstances should P be returned to her mother. I told the caller that she was our Angel on earth and I appreciated her being so brave to bring P to us. The caller had told us that our baby had been at a meth party the night before and that it was very unsafe for her to be there. As soon as mom left, the caller knew something needed to be done so that P would not be returned to her. That is how she got our name. Taylor and I decided at this time that I was going to call my friend again who was the cop and ask her what our next step should be. She told us that we should take P immediately down to the police station and give them the recording and tell them everything that just happened. P's dad who was doing tree service removal was working only a couple of blocks away so we stopped and picked him up and filled him in on everything that just happened. So, Taylor, Jordan, myself and Baby P went to the police station. The dispatcher told me that a police officer would meet us downstairs. It took the police officer probably 15 minutes to come down. I figured it was because he was getting a file folder put together of all the other times that we had called in for well checks, etc. However, when the cop came down he had nothing in his hands and he asked if we wanted to step outside and talk to him. I was immediately confused and pissed! I though to myself, we aren’t going into a conference room or meeting room? Because here we had this little girl that had just spent the entire night at a meth party, we have all of this proof about other stuff that was going to be happening and he had no time to talk to us? After a while of him asking us questions I asked him why are you even asking us any of these questions if you're not writing anything down? How much more harm does this child need to go through before you guys start taking this seriously? I said do you even want a copy of the recording that we just received? Do you want to know any of the names that we have? My son at this point told me that I needed to calm down and I said to Jordan that I am not calming down anymore! Something needs to be done! I told the police officer every time we call the police station they tell us to call DSS; every time we call DSS they tell us to call the police station. I told the police officer I am done playing by the rules. Something has to change. He eventually did get out his little notepad and he wrote all of our names down with our phone numbers. That was the extent of what he wrote down from this entire thing.

It wasn’t long after we got P, that her mom was sending me text messages, saying that she would be there at 5 pm to pick P up. I had decided right then that I would take P and run if I had too. If that was the only way to keep her safe, I would. We took P to my sisters house so that we could all meet and discuss what just happened and what our next step would be. I knew 2 things for sure.

1. I would not let P go back to her mom.

2. I knew the cops were not going to be any help.

So, I decided my next step would be is to blast it over social media, so everyone knows what P is going through. I also wanted to gather as much information as I possibly could on P's mom in case this went to court.

Here is the original post I made.

“This is a cry for help and at the same time a Call to Action. This is in regard to my beautiful granddaughter. After several reports of drug use, prostitution and child neglect and going to various authorities, still nothing can be done. I am taking this to social media so that everyone can be on alert and come together to keep our baby girl safe. Just like the phrase says you see something, say something. My phone number is 605-770-8803 and my email #prayforpraylee

I attached this picture of P with the post.

Within 2 ½ hours, it had over 331 shares and 150 comments.

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